Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Discount Racor’s return policy?

Although very rare, we do occasionally receive returns from our customers. If the goods purchased are not damaged in any way when received, we will refund your credit card the total cost of the goods only. Shipping costs incoming and outgoing are the responsibility of the purchaser.

If the part purchased is a special order, we may not permit a return/ refund and in the event it is returned, a 20% restock fee will be applied.

If parts are received with damages, please report it to us immediately so we may rectify why or how the goods were damaged. Refunds are handled on an individual basis when damage is prevalent.

How do I know what Racor filter I have?

Filter Part Number

1.If you have a Turbine Assembly,assure your fuel system is shut down/ off completely. On the top of the Turbine Assembly, there will be a brass T shaped handle. Unscrew the T handle as well as the metal cap in which the T handle is securing. Look inside and you will be able to see the manufacturers part number. If the numbers are not visible utilize Racor’s coloring system to determine the Micron rating. Brown print represents a 2-micron filter, Blue represents a 10-Micron filter,and Red signifies a 30-Micron filter.

2. Utilize your last bill/ receipt that you purchased your filter or assembly previously and locate the part number listed on your receipt.

Assembly Part Number

1. Racor does a fantastic job of placing labels on the outside of their filter assemblies, turbine filter assemblies in particular, and locate the part number printed in the upper left hand corner of the label.

2. Utilize your last bill/ receipt that you purchased your filter or assembly previously and locate the part number listed on your receipt.

3. If you are only able to view one of the part numbers (either the filter or the assembly number) please search that part number in our search bar and you will be shown the associated parts in regards to that part number.

How do I replace or remove my old Racor filter?

Turbine Assembly

1. Assure your fuel system is completely shut off.  Remove the T handle and metal cover on the top of  your turbine assembly. There are two plastic handles attached to the filter that are very flexible. Use a hook tool, screwdriver, or any small object to loop either of the flexible handles, being careful not to drop anything inside the body of the assembly. Grab the handles, pull up, let the remaining fuel drain into the body, remove the filter and discard accordingly.

Spin-On Assembly

1. Ensure your fuel system is completely shut off. Drain and fuel out of the bowl. Use your hand or a bowl wrench, available here, to remove your metal, clear, or blue bowl from the bottom of the filter assembly. Check to make sure no gaskets or debris are leftover where your new filter will make contact  with the assembly. Using your hand, hand tighten the filter snugly to the assembly body then reapply your metal, clear, or blue bowl with your filter wrench/ hand snugly.


Why are my spin-on filters so hard to take off?

1. We have directly contacted the manufacturer in order to resolve the issues for spin-on assembly filters being extremely tight. Racor responded with no answer or solution to the problem, they stated that all filters are hand tightened in the factory before shipment and have no idea how the filters are so tight. At Discount Racor, we recommend using a pair of filter pliers, getting a firm grip, and removing the filter even in it crushes the casing.


How can I get a quote on shipping charges?

-Add the item(s) to your cart you would like a quote on

-Click the Shopping Cart butoon

-Scroll down the page and click “Calculate Shipping”

-Enter information and click “Update Totals” for your shipping quote

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