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Why Racor filters instead of OEM?

Why Racor filters over my OEM filter?

Racor is known in the fuel, oil, lubricant and filtration industry as one of the, if not THE best there is. As a matter of fact, several large equipment manufacturers have custom Racor filters produced for their needs or simply use Racor filters as a stock install off the assembly line.

First and foremost, their manufacturing facility is in California, that’s right, California, USA.

The second reason why Racor should be your go-to brand for filtration is due to the technology they put into their filtration systems. Racor filters come standard with Aquabloc II technology that filters 99% of all contaminants (water, debris, dirt, algae, rust, & more) and also has a significantly low pressure drop which ensures great fuel/ lubricant delivery without sacrificing performance. Most standard filters and some OEM filters are basic paper elements that will filter extremely well initially, but are susceptible to tearing and allowing debris from entering your fuel system.

The most important question we ask our customers when considering switching to Racor is, “What would you rather do, spend an extra $3-$10 on a Racor filter, or have to replace an injector?” As you can imagine, we convert a lot of people over to Racor filters. The hardest part of the process is determining which Racor filter is right for you! If you need help cross referencing your OEM filter to Racor, simply Contact Us and we will gladly assist you in finding an accurate replacement element!

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