Racor 660R Series Gas / Diesel Spin-On Filter/ Separator


Max Flow Rate (in GPH): 60
Port Size (in Inches): 3/8″ NPT / 16MM
Total Ports:  Inlets: 3 Outlets: 4
Assembly includes filter installed in/ on the unit in “ready to install and use” form.

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30-Micron (P Rating) (Red Cap)
10-Micron (T Rating) (Blue Cap)
2-Micron (S Rating) (Brown Cap)


Racor 660R Series Gas / Diesel Spin-On Filter/ Separator

The Racor 660R Gasoline & Diesel Fuel/ Water Separator is  an excellent solution for high capacity fuel systems with space restraints. With all the features of the 400 Series assemblies, the 600 Series offers engine owners an economical system for applications where an integral primer pump is not needed. Without the primer pump you save nearly half an inch of space on each assembly which can be quite the difference maker in compact engine compartments! The 600 Series can be used for both diesel and gasoline applications and has 7 total ports so you’ll have more than enough options for fuel filtration, fuel polishing and more.

All 600 Series assemblies feature spin-on, high-capacity, Aquabloc®II replaceable filter elements which stop/ remove 99% of water, solid contaminants, algae, debris and more. This assembly is available in 2, 10, and 30 micron sizes. Filtration needs should be based on application, fuel quality, operating climates, and maintenance schedules. Racor recommends changing your element at least 1 time per traveling year or every 2000 running hours, whichever comes first.

Racor 660R2
Racor 660R2

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10.2 x 4.5 x 4.5 in
Micron Rating

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