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Will Discount Racor Ship Product Internationally?

Will Discount Racor Ship Product Internationally?

Great question and a simple answer! Yes, Discount Racor can and will ship your International order! We have recently added a new form to our website which will allow us to help streamline the RFQ process for international orders.

What Do I need to do?

Email us ( a CSV file with 2 columns; Column A for Product SKU and Column B for requested Quantities

Also supply; First and Last Name of Contact, Billing Address, Mailing Address, Phone Number, PayPal Registered EMail address where request for payment will be sent, and any special instructions.


Click here to fill out the International request For Quote Form

Why so many questions on the International Form for a simple RFQ?

Another great question! We ask for so much information because our RFQ success / purchase rate is around 64% which is pretty awesome! We ask for all the information in advanced so we eliminate the need for additional emails later down the road. After all, the less time we all spend communicating, the smoother the process and the higher the profit margins for both parties.

How quickly can I expect a response?

We strive to respond to every RFQ in less than 24 hours. Most orders are time sensitive as it is and the last thing we want is to slow a purchase down in any way.

How can I pay for my order? Can we set-up an account and make payments?

For all orders that ship Internationally we accept 2 methods of payment; TT Wire Transfer and PayPal payments. Every Wire Transfer will have a $30 USD additional charge for processing. We will also only accept payment from PayPal through an authorized / verified PayPal account.

Where will Discount Racor ship my product?

Discount Racor has been dealing with International Orders for decades and we have shipped goods to over 30 countries! Needless to say, we aren’t new to the game and know how to get the job done. We are open to shipping any package anywhere in the world at any rate the customer needs; it’s what we strive for and it’s how we like to do business.


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