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Racor 140R Blowout Sale!

Racor 140R

Racor 140R Clearance!

Great news! We just acquired a massive NEW, factory original overstock Racor 140R series Diesel Fuel / Water Separators. Our special is specific to the 10 micron assembly (Racor 140R10) but based on need and situation we may be able to swap the filters out to a 2-micron or 30-micron. Please contact us and we can evaluate the situation individually.

Each assembly is only $30.11!


Product description:

The Racor 140 series Diesel Spin-On Filter/Separator is very common is small pleasure-craft boats. Capable of processing 15 gallons per hour, this assembly is the perfect fuel filter assembly for most small boat, diesel, applications. Available in all micron ratings: 2-Micron, 10-Micron, and 30-Micron.

NOTE: This offer is valid while supplies last only. Please check link above for product inventory availability or email us with any questions regarding this order.

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